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Bartłomiej Pękiel (+ ca. 1670)

The MIDI currently played is Kyrie from Missa concertata La Lombardesca

Bartłomiej Pękiel was one of the most eminent Polish composers of the seventeenth century. From the time Marco Scacchi was Kapellmeister at the Chapel Royal at Warsaw, Pękiel was assistant at the same chapel, and was Kapellmeister himself from 1649-1655 following Scacchi's departure. When he died in c. 1670, he was probably Kapellmeister at the cathedral in Cracow (Wawel), a post he had held since the death of his predecessor Franciszek Lilius in 1657. All Pękiel's works are found in manuscript sources only, with the exception of the canons which are of less artistic merit. These were published in Xenia Apollinea, a musical supplement to Marco Scacchi's polemical Cribrum Musicum, printed in Venice in 1643.

Info supplied by Stephen Lloyd

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